CareFix FAQs

CareFix Post-Op Bras FAQ

What is a Carefix Post-Op support/compression bra?

A Carefix Post-Op support/compression bra is a specially designed bra to be used right after breast surgery and throughout recovery. The bra provides support and compression, while protecting scar and wound area. Using a compression bra after breast surgery reduces the risk of post-surgical complications.

What are the benefits of Carefix Post-Op support/compression bras?

Carefix Post-op bras have several medical benefits. They reduce post-surgical bleeding and swelling, support tender and sore skin, aid the healing process and provide safety throughout the important post-surgical mobilization period. By increasing the blood flow, post op bras also assist flushing harmful fluids out of the body during post-surgical recovery. They provide support and control to the scar areas at sudden uncomfortable movements (i.e sneezing, coughing), which is especially important during the immediate post-surgical stage. In addition to the mentioned medical benefits, Carefix Post-Op bras are designed from sweat absorbent and/or sweat transporting yarn, offering great comfort for the user. All these benefits result in an improved post-surgical outcome, a comfortable recovery and a better looking result.

What are the different types of support/compression bras?

When choosing a post-surgical bra for support, compression or comfort, it is important that the bra is appropriate for your particular surgery and that the size is correct. Each Carefix Post-Op bra has been designed to specifically fit the different indications. Choosing an inadequate post-surgical bra can do more harm than good. If you have any doubts or questions, always seek advice from your doctor or nurse.

Why can’t I just use a regular bra from my lingerie store or a tight fitting sports bra?

Medical compression and support bras are designed to provide targeted compression and support to the surgical site, which is not the case with a standard bra or a tight fitting sports bra of any kind. After surgery, you need a bra that is specially designed to compress the skin for surgical purposes and provides comfort for the length of your recovery
When using a medical grade Carefix Post-Op bra, you can be certain that the product is specially designed to be used for the surgery you have had. The bra is designed to reduce some of the complications and risks that a surgery can cause, by e.g. offering seamless design to avoid any wound irritation, elasticated 4-way stretch to make the bra adjust to your body contour through the entire recovery period, and targeted compression zones to provide you the right amount of compression and support to the surgical site at all times.
There are vast differences between a sports bra and a medical grade Carefix Post-Op bra. For example, a Carefix Post-Op bra offers a higher compression and support level than a sports bra. A sports bra typically has the same level of compression/support in the entire bra, whereas a Carefix Post-Op bra has compression/support targeted at the exact right places.
A Carefix Post-Op bra is designed to last. Professionally constructed medical bras do not break or loose functionality after consistent everyday use. As long as product care handling instructions and instructions for use are followed, the medical post op bras are designed to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 6-8 weeks without losing functionality. PLEASE NOTE: Always follow the advice of your doctor or surgeon when purchasing a post-op bra.

What is the fabric content of Carefix Post-Op bras?

As the bras offer different features according to the specific indication, the fabric content in the bras varies. However, it goes for the entire Carefix Post-Op bra range, that you can be sure to buy a certified medical product tested for harmful substances, carrying a seamless design for minimum wound and scar irritation and developed and designed to offer you optimum comfort.
All our bras have a fabric content that offers a smooth, comfortable feeling, at the same time as protecting tender and sore skin. The fabric construction guarantees that the bras never lose support and compression integrity at continuous use and as long as washing procedures are followed. All the Carefix Post-Op bras are latex free.

What differentiates the Carefix Post-Op bras from others I have found on the market?

The details. Post-surgical healing stages can be extremely uncomfortable which makes it even more important to use a bra that provides wound protection and takes tender skin and post-surgical swelling into consideration, resulting in an optimum surgical result. Due to the seamless design, Carefix Post-Op bras are comfortable and will not aggravate the healing of incisions.
The chest band of the bras has been made wide to provide more support under the breast and improve comfort. Zippers, Velcro and hook-&-eye closures are never in contact with the skin. All products are Oeko-Tex certified and latex free.

I am not allowed to reach my arms behind my back or put them over my head - can I use your bras?

All of our bras have front opening and front adjustable shoulder straps. The Carefix Post-Op bra range consists of bras with different features and you can always find one that accommodates your special needs. Carefix Post-Op bras are certified medical products, specially designed for the needs after breast surgery, because we know that some movements are prohibited after breast surgery.

How do I launder my bra?

All the Carefix Post-Op bras are machine washable and can be tumble dried at low temperature. We recommended using our EB Delicates Washbag for each wash. Care instructions are located on the inserted “Instruction for use”, that comes with your bra. Please always follow the care instructions for a longer lasting product. To ensure the product’s durability and function, do not use bleach or products containing bleach. 

How should I protect the surgical site, while my bra is being washed?

We recommend that you purchase duplicates of your post-op bra to make sure you always have a back up. One of the keys to a successful surgical result is consistent compression/support. For an optimum healing process and recovery period, the surgical site should always be protected and secure.