Isavela FAQs

Isavela Compression Garments FAQ

How do I know my garment size?

To find your correct size, you must measure your body. For a detailed explanation on how and where to measure for the product you have selected, please visit the garment's page by searching either the name, code, or category.

Please note: Although you will be smaller after your liposuction procedure, we recommend you base your product size selection on your preoperative measurements. Post surgical swelling will cause your body to remain at your preoperative size immediately after your surgery. As the swelling subsides, you can transition into a Stage 2 compression garment that will mold and shape tissue into to the new contours of your body.

How do I care for my Isavela product?

To keep your product in good condition, we recommend cold water washing in our EB Delicates Washbag and line drying.

How do I know which product is right for me?

Always refer to your doctor's advice for the right garment for you, or contact us via phone on 1300 855 617.
Procedure - Each product is designed to target a specific procedure, featuring targeted compression and support at incision sites to assist in healing.
Zippered vs. Non-Zippered Products - Zippered body products are ideal for wear immediately after surgery, allowing for easy application. Non-zippered body products feature targeted interior fabric panels to shape and mold your body.
Body Coverage - For optimal results, your product should provide coverage at the targeted site and surrounding areas.

How does compression assist in post surgical healing?

After an aesthetic or reconstructive procedure, compression is recommended to minimize swelling, accelerate recovery and ensure optimal results for your new contoured body.

Can I just wear a lingerie shaper or a sports bra?

A garment that feels like athletic wear, yoga wear, or a lingerie shaper will not provide the level of constant and sustained compression or support required after a surgical procedure. A medical grade compression garment has a specific purpose, to encourage the healing and recovery process after a reconstructive or aesthetic procedure, and help the skin conform to its new contours. 

How long should I wear the products?

Physicians who recommend compression garments vary in their opinions regarding the length of time a patient should wear a garment. Your doctor will advise how long is suitable for you. However, on average, the recommended duration is from three weeks to three months. During the first three to four weeks, a compression garment should be worn at all times and only removed to shower or bathe.

Should I order more than one garment?

It is recommended to purchase more than one, as one can be worn while the other is in the wash.

What if my measurements do not fit within the size charts? Do you make custom garments?

Occasionally, patients with unique body types have a difficult time finding compression garments that provide a proper fit and accurate compression. When faced with body measurements outside a standard size chart, a patient can opt for a custom made compression garment. Unfortunately, Exquisite Bodies does not offer custom made garments. Please contact our customer service team if you require a smaller or larger size out of the standard sizing chart.

Do Isavela products contain Latex or Formaldehyde?

No. Isavela's proprietary blend of Naturexx fabric is 100% latex and rubber free, assuring that there is no risk of deadly allergic reactions. Plus, we have taken additional steps to keep our garments hypoallergenic by rejecting fabric that contains formaldehyde. Most of the garments are made of 76% nylon, 24% elastane.

Why do you offer products with an open crotch?

Since a compression garment must be worn constantly, it is imperative that the garment accommodates body elimination. Therefore, a reinforced, anatomically correct open crotch is essential to a compression garment. The opening should be properly constructed and solidly reinforced to avoid tearing the garment while using the facilities. Furthermore, because accumulated fluid will naturally flow downward due to gravity, the garment opening should be small enough to offer some compressive support to the pubic bone to reduce the possibility of edema in the genitals.


Putting on a garment

How do I put my garment on?

If you are going to apply your product at home, we recommended that someone assist you. Please make sure to completely dry your body before putting on your product. All products are designed for ease of application and a snug fit to ensure proper compression.

Zippered Body Products

If the zipper catches on the product, please do not attempt to force the zipper in any direction. Please remove the product and gently work the zipper until it moves freely again.

Unzip all zippers completely. If your product has detachable shoulder straps, unhook the front closure. Assume a seated position. Place your feet into the product leg openings. Depending on the product length, position the bottom hemline properly at your ankles, knees, or thighs.

Remaining seated, gently position the garment into place around your hips and crotch and pull onto your upper body. Stand up slowly and pull the garment fully into place, making sure the crotch opening is correctly positioned.

If you do not feel comfortable standing up, please lie on your back to apply the garment. If the garment has shoulder straps, they can be positioned and fastened now.

Next, fasten the hook and eye closures on one side of the garment and then slowly pull the zipper closed. When one side of the garment has been zipped closed, repeat these steps on the other side.

Facial Bands

Please stand in front of a mirror when putting on any of the facial bands. Watching yourself in the mirror will help you as you position the facial band around your face, head, or neck.

Lay the facial band on a flat surface with the Velcro strip face up. Pick up the band by placing your hands at the ends of the band. Position the middle of the facial band underneath the chin while extending the ends of the band up over your head. The side of the band without Velcro should be placed against the crown of the head first. Next, place the side of the band with the Velcro over the top of your head, making sure the Velcro strip is flat and secure. You can then position the two smaller straps on the front and back of the head to hold the facial band in place. Please note: If you are using the FA03, the strap that goes around the head should be positioned first.


The front hook & eye closures (if applicable) should be separated and the shoulder straps loosened.

Slide your arms through the opening between the shoulder strap and bra, but do not tighten the shoulder straps. Close the front hook & eye adjustment, starting at the bottom closure and working up. Adjust the shoulder straps to the desired comfort.

If the bra is too tight or loose, take the bra off by separating the front hook & eye closures and adjust to loosen or tighten the fit. Please repeat the above steps to put the bra back on.

Please note: If you are using style BR03, the adjustable breast band should be fastened once the bra has been put on.