Siloxaderm Silicone Tape (2cm x 3m)

Siloxaderm Silicone Tape (2cm x 3m)

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2cm x 3m

We've sourced the best medical grade silicone to make our very own brand of silicone tape! Introducing Siloxaderm, made from 100% silicone it is friendly to sensitive and fragile skin. It has great adhesion yet it is easy and gentle to remove. Easy to cut to your desired length.

1 roll - 2cm x 3m

Indications: securing drains, tubes, electrodes and cannulas and for the general protection of skin. Use right after a wound or scar has healed to reduce scar visibility.

Do not use if allergic to silicone rubber

Do not use on open wounds.


How To Use Siloxaderm Silicone Tape

Gently clean the scar area and dry completely. Do not use any oils or serums. Siloxaderm should be applied directly onto the skin. Excess body hair may decrease tape adhesiveness. 

Cut desired tape length and peel off backing. The backing can be kept to place tape on while showering. 

Place tape over the scar, sticky side down. Ensure scar is completely covered. If your skin begins to react to the tape, e.g itch, redness, irritation, remove and discontinue use.

The same tape can be reused until it loses adhesiveness. Can be washed with warm soapy water between these days. 

For best results, use for 12 weeks, or until scar stops responding. 


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  • Siloxaderm Silicone Tape

    Posted by Johanna Nieuwoudt on 5th Sep 2023

    Easy to use and works well for sensitive skin. Can reuse for several days before applying new tape.

  • So far so good

    Posted by Simon on 2nd Aug 2023

    Arrived promptly and easy to use, have only been using it for about a week so can only give a partial review.

  • Much better product than Siltape!

    Posted by Gemma on 8th Jul 2023

    This product in my opinion is so much better than siltape and a better price also! Siltape unfortunately kept lifting off my scabbed incisions and siloxaderm silicone tape by exquisite bodies stayed secure with also being easy to remove when required. Very happy with this product. Postage a little expensive, however I will purchase their brand again for its quality and value! Silicone tape isn’t cheap so to have a product that actually works effectively brings peace of mind.

  • Comfortable and great on sensitive skin

    Posted by Siobhan Jackson on 29th Jun 2023

    Very happy with my recent purchase of this silicone tape. I was having reactions to previous tapes on my breast reduction scars and decided to try this silicone tape. So easy to apply and re-apply and does not hurt to peel off! Will definitely buy more.

  • Sioxederm tape

    Posted by Libby Cameron on 11th Oct 2022

    My long scar after open heart surgery was very red and irritated until I started using the tape. Unfortunately after about eight days, my sling reacted to the tape and I had to stop using it. I plan to wear it again after the area settles down but only for half days..

  • Almost invisible

    Posted by Paloma on 7th Aug 2022

    This tape is easy to use and almost invisible . I think the $15 postage and handling charge is a bit excessive for such a small item.

  • Silicone Tape

    Posted by Melonie Bruderlin on 7th Jan 2022

    I’ve been using the tape for a couple weeks after surgery. I find it does help with the scaring and keeping the scar near. I will definitely be ordering more when I’m close to running out.

  • Works well

    Posted by Vicki Nicholson on 10th Jul 2021

    I am using this on the advice of my surgeon post breast surgery. It can hurt a little on removal, but overall it is comfortable and lasts well. The instructions were at odd with my surgeon's instructions to moisturize the scar, but he later confirmed that leaving the scar for 30 minutes before reapplying the tape is effective. I cannot say if the tapes improve the condition of my scars as I do not know how they would otherwise look!

  • Silicone Tape

    Posted by Mona Salama-Groser on 5th Jul 2021

    Great product and arrives promptly however, shipping on such a lightweight item is cheeky.

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