What is Lymphoedema?

2nd Jun 2021

Lymphoedema is characterised by swelling of certain parts of the body, caused by problems with the lymphatic system . Any part of the body can be affected by lymphoedema, but it tends to target the arms and legs.  Around 300,000 Australians will experience lymphoedema at any given time. Normally, fluid and proteins leak into the body tissues regularly from the blood. This
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The importance of COMPRESSION & SUPPORT zones in Carefix bras

12th Feb 2019

It’s a fact that targeted compression on wound/scar tissue and post-surgical swollen tissue will advance the post-surgical healing process, reduce the infection risk and help achieve nicer scarring. Post-surgical bras from Tytex are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. This is achieved by so-called targeted compression zones knitted into the products. Advances post-surgical healing process Redu
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What Everyone Ought To Know Before Having Breast Surgery!

10th Apr 2018

Dr Rohit Kumar reveals what to expect after your breast augmentation surgery, plus one thing that could happen to anyone..and it’s pretty scary! CREDIT: Many thanks to Plastic Surgery Hub for providing this content, to listen to the podcast visit: or listen on iTunes Podcast called “Plastic Surgery Hub Podcast” Transforming Bodies. The name of the episode is “Dr Rohit Kumar Explains W
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Nutrition and Wound Healing

8th Aug 2016

An often forgotten about factor when recovering from surgery is your nutrition. What you put into your body is extremely important, it's essentially what sustains you, and the foods you eat can even define your health.Of course it's important you talk to your doctor, surgeon or nutritionist if you'd like to make an eating plan or drastically change your diet, but here are some helpful information about nutrition that could help you on your way to recovery after surgery: According
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Medical Compression vs Sports Compression

30th May 2016

One popular question we are often asked is "What is the difference between post-surgical compression garments and sports compression garments?" Below is a list of differences between the two types of garments. Always follow the advice of your surgeon or doctor, they will know which garment will suit you the most.